The art of Yoga is born in India and it is from here that the whole world has come to know about the stupendous benefits of this exercise. Some people practice yoga for good health and others for the peace of mind. The beauty of yoga is in the fact that it is the panacea for all sorts of conditions and diseases.
Basically, yoga aligns mental health with physical well being. And when the body and mind are in sync with each other, everything seems easier, approachable, and you will feel more confident.
Well, it seems that you have gained an interest in Yoga or your previous teacher does not match the resume. Don’t worry, iHomCare has the best yoga teachers from all across the Indian mainland. You will find some amazing yoga teachers here on our platform who will guide you and take you on an amazing journey of peace and serenity.
You will get to know the sutras of yoga. Since yoga is a science, it is based on some rules. These are called Yoga Sutras which were introduced by Patanjali. In total, there are 196 Yoga Sutras and every Yoga teacher should know about them.
Moving forward, you can also learn the dynamic yoga which is a mix of hatha yoga. Further, it consists of the concepts of Astanga and Iyengar. Dynamic is a bit more difficult than other forms of yoga and it needs more practice, patience, and endurance.
For the mantra, tantra and other similar types of practices, the Kundalini Yoga is what you need to practice. It is believed that in this form of yoga the practitioner awakes his/her inner kundalini energy with the help of mantras, tantras and Yoga meditation.
The Sivananda Yoga does not only focus on the body exercises and meditation, but it also takes into account, proper diet and positive thinking. Lastly, there is pre-natal yoga which is best for women who are pregnant and want to main good health and body physique. It also caters to controlled breathing, reducing stress and sleep improvement. 

Why Yoga|so popular?

Well, most of the credit to popularise Yoga in India goes to Swami Ramdev. He is the guy who has brought yoga to every house. The exponential benefits of yoga were always there, all that was needed was someone who can tell it to the people and demonstrate it to them.
Swami Ramdev did exactly this and it is because of his efforts and the government’s support that today we celebrate the International Yoga day to commemorate the origin of Yoga.
And the benefits are persistent and evident. People have benefited a lot from practicing yoga. Be it a small child or even an aged person, yoga is for everybody. And that is the real beauty of it. Seeing the many benefits of yoga, a number of Indian Schools have included it in the extracurricular activities keeping it at par with other games and sports.
And why not, in the age of advancement where people are experiencing more stress and pressure. Seeing the fact that stress is a silent killer, we need to find a way out that does not involve medicines and other such solutions.
Be it work, school, home, office, business, love, health, and whatnot everything has some sort of stressor that gives you discomfort. And when we are not comfortable with ourselves, the mind works at a lesser capacity. That is why it is essential to practice yoga every day.

Benefit of practise of Yoga…

Since Yoga is an exercise of the mind and body, it needs to be practiced holistically. In India, you will find a plethora of Yoga instructors. But the key is to find the right one who has all the required knowledge of this exercise.
You will find teachers not only who have been practicing yoga for years, but also they are the live examples of how yoga can help you sustain a healthy body and mind. The teachers at iHomCare™ are experts in basic yoga to all the other types of specific yoga and its subtypes. This includes Yoga Nidra, Yoga Sutra, Vinyasa, Dynamic Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Meditation Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Qiqong and whatnot.
Every type of yoga has some unique aspects which make it stand out from other forms of Yoga. Once you have got the understanding of all these types of yoga and after your chosen teacher had identified your need, you will be taught by them as per that technique. For a sportsperson, stretching is one of the most important things, Yoga can make your body as flexible as you want it.
You want to have strong bones, go for yoga. You want to build up your stamina, Yoga is the way to go. Name anything thing that you want to achieve with your body and yoga will have a solution for it.
Similarly, iHomCare™ has gathered a list of the most amazing yoga instructors from all across the country. You will all of them Download App and book & hire yoga teacher ,practise yoga from them as per your convenience.


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