HELP SAVE A LIFE "Give The Gift of Blood"

Every day patient in our community require timely blood transfusions. The majorities of blood comes from blood drives organized by groups such as yours. Giving blood is an excellent way to give back to the community. By oraganize a blood drive, you'll not only help those who need blood, you'll make it easy for others do the same. Most of us will need a blood transfusion same point in our lives. That means that you, your family, and friends might need the support of volunteer blood donars.


Donate Blood

A blood donar in our community is a special kind of volunteer. By commiting about an hour of your time, you can donate a gift more precious than time or money : the gift of life through blood."One donation of blood can help support up to three patients' lives."

Search Blood Donor

There is no substitute of human blood but with the help of iHomCare Blood Donar, you may be find out appropriate blood & save the life of community.


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