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What is Trained Attendant, Care Taker, Caregivers Services?

Trained attendant services in-home provide comprehensive care and support at home. The trained attendant knew as a caretaker, caregiver, general duty assistant, nursing assistant, takes care of the daily routine activities of a elder person or person who is ill. They help with personal hygiene & grooming, movement, light housekeeping of living room, feeding, oral medication, and also trained to monitor for general health check-ups by regularly measuring essential vital signs like blood pressure, SpO2 saturation, heart rate, blood sugar.

When do you need the Services?

  • Elder Care:-
  • If any elder loved one person in your family who needs support and assistance with daily routine activities, iHomCare provide them the care and assistance they deserve. Hire our trained 12hrs, 24 hrs, per visit trained attendant care services at home.
  • Baby & Mother Care:-
  • Both baby and mother need regular attention during bathing, feeding, diapering, and more. The trained attendant support and help at home will do them easily.
  • Post-Operative Support:-
  • If any loved one has undergone surgery can be stressful for the family member. However, a trained in-house attendant can do the work easier by helping & caring for toiletry assistants and maintaining personal hygiene, mental support to the family.
  • Support for admitted Patient:-
  • If any loved one of the family member is admitted to the hospital for a general health check-up, surgery, curing of any other disease like COVID-19, flu, or any communicable or non-communicable disease. At the time the family member needs help like a trained attendant who cares for the patient so that they will concentrator their job or business without any hindrances. Hire our trained 12hrs, 24 hrs, per visit trained attendant care services at where the patient admitted.

How can we Help?

Our trained attendants provide care to those need the services like elder or senior citizen in comfort of their home. They can help in personal hygiene & grooming, movement & mobility, oral medication, taking vitals sign and light housekeeping of living room. As per your need you can hire the services of trained attendant for 12 hrs, 24 hrs or per visit.

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